PDXNet Data Sharing Committee

The PDX data sharing committee aims to develop policies for sharing and making PDX data available. The initial agreement is to make PDTC submitted model data available (see below). PDXnet data sharing interest includes policies around uploaded legacy data and availability of PDMR data uploaded on the CGC. Issues around workflow sharing are also discussed.

PDX Data Sharing Agreement

The PDXNet Data Sharing committee finalized a data sharing agreement that allows for sharing of generated sequencing data with an associated metadata within PDXNet and with the larger research community with an associated embargo. Additional details to follow soon.

Data Security

Genomics data security and compliance with national privacy regulations are built into the Cancer Genomics Cloud which hosts PDXNet files.  Seven Bridges makes two white paper available that summarize that efforts are taken to ensure that you can safely upload and share data between collaborators. Please reference the following white papers for additional details.

Please reach out to anyone on the Seven Bridges team should you have additional questions on how we keep PDXNet data safe.