JAX-Seven Bridges PDX Data Commons and Coordination Center


The JAX-Seven Bridges PDX Data Commons and Coordination Center (PDCCC) unites the efforts of the component data-generating (PDX Development and Trial Centers/PDTCs) and PDX model sharing (NCI’s Patient-Derived Model Repository/PDMR) parts of the PDX Development and Trials Centers Research Network (PDXNet) into a cohesive, trans-Network whole. Using innovative cloud computing and bioinformatic approaches, our PDCCC provides administrative and computational infrastructure for PDXNet to enable PDX method standardization, model sharing, data sharing, and massive-scale data analysis. We are building a data storage, sharing, and analysis platform that harmonizes PDXNet data with other large datasets and analysis workflows available in the NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud. Simultaneously, we administer training activities and research pilots to build synergies within the PDXNet, enhancing the ability of the PDXNet to develop clinical trials from PDX studies. Our combined institutional strengths include a history of leadership in and commitment to PDX data resources, analytics and consensus standards development and application; a broad array of statistical, bioinformatic, and software-related PDX resources; leadership expertise in large-scale, cloud-based biomedical data projects; and deep experience in high-performance database engineering and development.

For the PDXNet supplements, we are now developing a PDXnet Data Commons that integrates PDXNet data with the existing cloud-based data analysis platform - the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud (SB-CGC). This Commons includes analysis workflows for many common genomics analysis tasks such as mutation calling and expression analysis, and also includes specialized workflows optimized for use on PDX data. The PDCCC team includes faculty, research scientists, and software engineers with unique expertise in PDXs, cancer treatment, genomic analysis, data coordination, and project management from The Jackson Laboratory and Seven Bridges. We would be excited to form collaborations with outside groups on analytics studies related to PDX data.



This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, under Contract No. 1U24CA224067-01.