The PDXNet is a National Cancer Institute (NCI) program established to coordinate collaborative, large-scale development and pre-clinical testing of targeted therapeutic agents in patient-derived models to advance the vision of cancer precision medicine. There are four PDTCs and one PDCCC within the network.

The main goals for PDTCs include:

  • Development of new PDX models and methods for preclinical testing of single agents and drug combinations
  • Conducting studies of response of PDX models to novel therapeutic strategies with an emphasis on prioritizing therapeutic concepts using NCI-IND agents ( that can be clinically validated in NCI’s Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ETCTN) ( using the newly established models as well as other existing well-characterized PDX models.

The PDCCC will develop a collaborative infrastructure that integrates the effort of individual PDTCs and provide bioinformatics and biostatistics expertise suitable for the analyses and integration of complex biological data from multiple experimental platforms and other sources.





The Pilot Projects Committee will develop the trans-network collaborative projects that will be utilized to develop methods and protocols that accelerate the use of PDX models for clinical trials.


The Supplemental Projects Committee will support collaborative projects with members outside the network to ensure the promulgation of standards developed within the network to all relevant stake holders.


The Data Sharing Committee decides the requirements for a secure and compliant PDX data commons to store, harmonize, and analyze PDX data submitted by the PDTCs.


The Ontology & Standards Committee decides the standardized operating procedures for PDX data and ontology models to share the data generated in the PDXNet.


The Analysis Committee decides the workflows that will be used to harmonize all the data shared through the data commons as well as develop methods for analysis of PDXNet datasets for prioritizing therapeutic agents to be used in clinical trials.